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About Me

My name is David and I’m generally shy and introverted. I work as a professional web developer and occasionally I also draw in my free time. My personal favorite species are foxes, but I like canines in general, besides other four-legged creatures. I consider myself to be part of the broader furry community. I occasionally participate in related events to relax, or to hang out with friends.

In addition to creating art myself, I also have a tendency to support independent artists from the furry fandom in the form of purchasing commissions featuring various characters, ranging from my own to friends’ or even the artists’.

My favorite activities include playing video games, listening to music, as well as watching movies or series. You can find additional details at the links in the contact section below. While Hungarian is my native language I'm fluent in English and I consider myself a citizen of the European Union.

On the left: a digital drawing of an anthropomorphic canine character with blue fur (light blue markings), cyan eyes, and dark blue hair sitting on a ledge wearing a dark blue collar and rainbow-colored arm and leg warmers. / On the right: a digital portrait drawing of a vixen with blue fur and cyan eyes, in front of a pink background. She is looking directly at you with a stuck out tongue.
Art by /belvor and /Pridark

My Characters

I'm a proud owner of not one, but two different characters. Or, well, depends on how you define “different”. While their color schemes might be exactly the same and they might have very similar personality traits… Okay, fine, you caught me, they're basically a single character with two different forms, but these forms count as separate characters in my book.

Their name is Double Colon, but you can simply call them Disy. If you want to find out more about them I suggest you check out the reference sheet linked below. It will also explain the strange name choice if you are curious about the reasoning behind it.

Reference Sheet