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About Me

I’m a hobbyist digital artist mostly creating artwork in relation to the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and taking part in various art-related events that happen in its fandom. Sometimes I might offer to help out with Hungarian translations for certain community projects as well.

In addition to creating art I also have a tendency to support independent artists from the fandom in the form of purchasing commissions featuring various original characters, ranging from my own to friends’ or even the artists’.

My favorite character from the show is Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ P0n-3. As obvious it might seem given my name, the reason is actually the simple fact that I really like her color scheme. If I had to pick from the Mane 6 I’d choose Rainbow Dash.

Recent Artwork

My Original Characters

I'm a proud owner of not one, but two original characters. Or, well, depends on how you define “original”. While their color schemes might be exactly the same and they might have very similar personality traits… Okay, fine, you caught me, she's basically a single character with two different forms, but the two forms count as separate characters in my book.

Her name is Double Colon, but for her friends it's simply Disy. If you want to find out more about her I suggest you check out the reference sheet linked below. It will also explain the strange name choice if you are curious about the reasoning behind it.

Reference Sheet

Contact & Social Media

Here you’ll find a list of websites and apps I have accounts on. If you need to get in touch with me use whichever one is closest to the top when possible.