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A few words about myself

My name is Double Colon, but you can just call me Disy. I'm a shy, introverted unicorn mare spending most of my time indoors accompanied by my PC and a bunch of snacks. My favourite foods are potato chips and many kinds of pizzas, hawaiian included. I'm a big fan of electronic music, and if I need to drown out some background noise I always keep a playlist ready. I'm not one to start conversations or make the first move when meeting new creatures, but if you manage to get me talking about something that interests me we will likely get along just fine. Don't just ask to be friends, I simply don't have that mindset. Reaching that level of trust is a process that cannot be rushed, and if you want to get anywhere close to me, don't expect to speedrun it. Every once in a while I also tend to make some doodles to practice drawing, but I find a lot more joy in supporting others who are considerably more experienced by commissioning drawings of me (and occasionally my friends) having fun~

Their name might seem like a strange choice, but it reflects my affection to the PHP programming language and coding in general. The keen-eyed of you might even notice a few color similarities with the PHP language's logo in the character’s design. This name specifically appears in error messages that warn about the incorrect use of the scope resolution operator (::) in the application code. More Info

If you ended up here because I commissioned you to draw them, then please use this reference sheet, which contains all the relevant information about their design. The existing artwork link will take you to the OC tag's page on Furbooru, which is essentially an image gallery website where I try to have every image made of them available.

Color Palette

These widgets give a visual overview of the character's design with exact HEX color codes you can copy from this page in one click, as well as a link to Coolors, a color palette site that will give you additional information about these colors.
To see this additional information, click the "View on Coolors" link in the bottom right corner of the widget, then in the page that opens, click the "View" item in the menu.

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Recently Finished Artwork

Below you can see some of the most recent artwork of this character, created by various artists.