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Paamayim Nekudotayim Reference Sheet Pony

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Unicorn PonyFemaleArtist

Her name might seem like a strange choice, but it reflects my affection to the PHP programming language and coding in general. The keen-eyed of you might even notice a few color similarities with the PHP language's logo in the character’s design. This name specifically appears in error messages that warn about the incorrect use of the scope resolution operator (::) in the application code. More Info

If you came here because you want to make a drawing of this character then please use this reference sheet, which contains all the necessary information about her design. The color guide link contains a list of all colors in an easily copy-paste-able format. The existing artwork link will take you to the OC tag's page on Furbooru, which is essentially an image gallery website where I try to have every image made of her available.